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We are regulatory transformation experts. Our team will plan and execute using deep practical experience and industry best practice.

Regulatory requirements

For supervised entities CaaS addresses the need for common compliance reporting via a set of services focused on regulatory:

  • Interpretation; 

  • Delivery, 

  • Measurement and monitoring, 

  • Attestation; and 

  • Reporting. 

Programme Management

For supervisors CaaS addresses the need for streamlined regulatory aggregation via a set of services focused on:

  • Publication; 

  • Standard setting; 

  • Collation; 

  • Aggregation; and 

  • Measurement and monitoring. 

Example projects

The CaaS platform provides: 

  • automated compliance analysis; 

  • distributed business rules and measurement standards; 

  • compliance state monitoring; and

  • visualisation/reporting of results.

The CaaS Consultancy services include: 

  • regulatory translation/interpretation;

  • project execution; and 

  • end to end managed services

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Need any help on a transformation project?

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